This is why I Coach!!

Getting these emails and texts, and hearing how well my athletes who trained so hard with me prior to heading off to college are doing, are the reason I love coaching.  Thank you guys for trusting in me and letting  me be a part of your journey to success as a college athlete.  You are […]

Way to go Kaila!!!

This weekend, Fit Life 1 athlete Kaila Provost, bombed one over the fence for a 3 run homer!! Kaila is playing for the San Diego Elite Travel Softball Club. Your power in the gym is converting big time out on the field. Keep working hard and the confidence up and enjoy the many successes of […]

Coachability, by Burgener Strength Programs

The following is from Burgener Strength Programs’ site and I couldn’t have said it any better. COACHABILITY I believe one of the biggest shortcomings an athlete can have is not being coachable. The best athletes in the world have coaches, and are continuously striving to better themselves. They have no ego, nor are complacent in […]