Kelly kipping! Still got it!

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Awesome Testimonial….. Thanks Goss!!!

I received a great testimonial from a great friend today!!  Goss was, and is still, an amazing athlete!!  I’ve never met someone more in tune with their body.  I can’t thank you enough for the kind words brutha!! Goss Lindsey  Former Collegiate 4:04 miler I am 37 years old and have known Gordon and Kelly […]

Tough Mudder Training with Dom!!

Benton Hill. 10 Rounds: 5 squat-push press 200 m hill run 5 burpees Nice work Dom!! You killed it brutha!! You will definitely be ready on the 25th!!

Mental Toughness and Athletic Success

Before I begin working with any athlete the first thing I do is sit down and talk with them and try to assess where they are at mentally. I really could care less initially what they can do physically!! Why are they wanting to train? What goals have they set for themselves? Can they see […]

Kumquat fruit fruit nutrition facts and health benefits

So we went to the Temecula Farmers Market today and I bought some kumquats to try.  They were so good!  I just wanted to share the kumquats amazing health benefits and encourage you to check out the Farmers Market at the Promenade Mall where you can buy raw local honey as well as organically grown […]