Dangers of Microwave Radiation

We all try to be the healthiest possible, right?  As a child, I will never forget the fact my mom cooked almost everything she could in the microwave.  She had 3 kids and it was so easy to throw a potato in there to cook it in a fraction of the time it would take […]

Strength Training for Performance or Injury Prevention?

If you are an athlete, regardless of sex, what is the main reason you train; or should train?  I hope you answered injury prevention!  I know the most common answer is performance, but you could be the best player on the team and if you are hurt and riding the bench, performance means nothing.  You […]

Back to College!!

I had to say Goodbye this week to two girls I worked with over winter break.  They worked so hard to keep their fitness levels high so they are ready to compete when they get back to college and training with their teams. Chelsea heading back to University of Arizona Shelby to Florida International University […]

Recovery Nutrition Guidelines After Hard Exercise

I have posted an article from Nancy Clark, one of my favorite nutritional experts.  For you guys out there, exercising  3 to 4 days per week and on top of that you are out there playing soccer, playing with your kids, daily cleaning, playing your sport, practicing for your sport, etc…..please read.  Recovery is so […]

Does Strength Training make females bulk up with muscle?

Not Usually!!  It’s quite rare!! Stephanie is a client of one of my mentors, Joe Defranco.  She is also the wife of Triple H (WWE fame)!  He published an article a while back that I share with all my female clients; “Should females train differently than males?”.  I have a link to that article on […]