Recovery Nutrition Guidelines After Hard Exercise

I have posted an article from Nancy Clark, one of my favorite nutritional experts.  For you guys out there, exercising  3 to 4 days per week and on top of that you are out there playing soccer, playing with your kids, daily cleaning, playing your sport, practicing for your sport, etc…..please read.  Recovery is so […]

Vitamin C – The Perfect Weapon!!

I am in no way telling anyone what supplements to take.  I feel that everyone needs to do their own research before taking a supplement.  I was told about the benefits of Vitamin C, I did my own research.  There is great controversy over Vitamin C and its benefits.  I have been taking Vitamin C […]

Does Strength Training make females bulk up with muscle?

Not Usually!!  It’s quite rare!! Stephanie is a client of one of my mentors, Joe Defranco.  She is also the wife of Triple H (WWE fame)!  He published an article a while back that I share with all my female clients; “Should females train differently than males?”.  I have a link to that article on […]

Back To Work!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!  We got back at it today but it seems many are still in holiday mode!!  We need to get back into the swing and get back on track with our training!!  It is so easy to make excuses.  I do it all the time!!  Its just as easy, […]

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s Christmas Eve and my household is getting super excited.  We pray you all have an amazing day tomorrow with family and friends!!  Thank you to all who brought us something special for the holidays.  Totally unexpected but very appreciated!!  We love you all!!  To those we work with, we appreciate you trusting us with […]