I just went to the Farmers Market this morning  and picked up some beets.  I normally buy them canned but decided to buy them fresh and steam them for lunch.  They tasted amazing!  Read on to find out why you should be including beets as a part of your diet.  Beets.

Chia seeds are a superfood treasure

Another very important food to add to our diet.  Read on!   Chia seeds are a superfood treasure.

For All You Runners Out There!!

Ten Reasons Why Runners Should Include Weight Training   By Charles Poliquin If you like to run and have been struggling to increase your mile pace or need a boost in short sprint speed for the final kick, strength training is the answer. Athletes in endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, rowing, or skiing cross-country will […]

Benefits of vitamin D – WebMD

One of the supplements we should be taking.  Read on…. Benefits of vitamin D – WebMD.

The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk

Just a reminder not to throw away those yolks.  It is the most nutritious part of the egg.  Happy reading 🙂 The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk.