Pascale Recovering!!

Pascale gave us a little scare after having emergency surgery from complications of her original surgery, but she is back to feeling better, recovering nicely and in charge!! She keeps asking the doctors when she can workout again!!

Burpees at 12,000 feet at the top of the Alps in Switzerland.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1481″] Kevin Magrini busting burpees atop the Alps in Switzerland.  BAD ASS!!!!! Nice work dude!!  Looks freakin’ COLD!!  

Humbled and Inspired!! The Fighting Spirit!!

The other day during our morning outdoor fitness class I was greatly humbled.  We have a new athlete in class who has recently recovered from Thyroid cancer.  Only a year ago she underwent surgery and radiation.  Today she is in our Outdoor Fitness regaining her strength and endurance.  We did a testing workout called Burpee […]