A Guide to the Food Pyramid

By Diana Rodriguez | Medically reviewed by Niya Jones, MD, MPH  The Food Pyramid for Nutrition Guidance: How to Use It The new pyramid format gives you daily quantity totals for each of the food groups, then allows you to divide those amounts up into however many servings you want — of course, the more […]

Monday Motivation: 7 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Exercise

Think exercise is all about toned abs and weight loss? It also makes you happier and smarter. By Deborah Kotz and Angela Haupt iStockPhoto Maybe you exercise to tone your thighs, build your biceps, or flatten your belly. Or maybe you work out to ward off the big killers like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But how about […]

How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

You’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to be motivated all the time. No matter what you are working on, there are bound to be days when you don’t feel like showing up. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. There will be reports that you don’t feel like writing. There will be […]

Harveston Fit Camp Testimonial: Working Out After Baby

Update: Since I first wrote this post on my own blog seven months ago, I have lost 40 pounds by going to Gordon and Kelly’s fit camp! It is not just about weight loss, but also about becoming healthy and being fit again. I feel so much better being in shape. I quite enjoyed eating […]