Burpee Equivalents: Understanding Junk Food in terms of your Favorite Exercise

by Dr. Jeff Godin, Ph.D., CSCS, & Spartan Coach *Posting originally appeared on http://news.spartan.com//burpee-equivalents-understanding-junk-food/ Occasionally we slip up with our diets and sneak in some junk calories. When we do, we have to pay the price…In Burpees!  At Spartan Coaching HQ we have been conducting research to quantify energy expenditure during the Burpee exercise.  Here is […]

For All You Runners Out There!!

Ten Reasons Why Runners Should Include Weight Training   By Charles Poliquin If you like to run and have been struggling to increase your mile pace or need a boost in short sprint speed for the final kick, strength training is the answer. Athletes in endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, rowing, or skiing cross-country will […]

Fit Life 1 Athlete, Josh Bender, Fighting Fullerton Blaze!!

            Josh Bender, Orange County Fireman and Fit Life 1 athlete, is see here on the left, helping to put out a blaze that took over an apartment complex in Fullerton, CA.  We are so proud of him and the work that he does.  Josh is an amazing firefighter, husband, […]

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Specials at Fit Life 1 Perfect as Christmas Gifts for you, your friends or family members!! Specials only available through midnight tonight. Outdoor Fitness:  New Members and Past Clients $150 for 3 months, 3 days per week (Value $195) $105 for 3 months, 2 days per week (Value $150) Current Outdoor Fitness Members […]

Coachability, by Burgener Strength Programs

The following is from Burgener Strength Programs’ site and I couldn’t have said it any better. COACHABILITY I believe one of the biggest shortcomings an athlete can have is not being coachable. The best athletes in the world have coaches, and are continuously striving to better themselves. They have no ego, nor are complacent in […]