Athlete Development

Hey Gordon! Okay so the training this summer… it was definitely harder then what I was doing for a year. The training with you makes me physically and mentally stronger and I wish I could do it all year round. With your training, the results show and after every workout and day after day I always felt good about myself and very accomplished and it made my days and life happier.

When I got home from college I had very bad knee and calf problems. I was told I had arthritis starting in my knees and I could physically not squat any weight and could barely run because of the severe pain in my calves. After rehabbing with you twice a workout (6 times a week), and after a lot of tears (LOL), I am finally able to squat weight after a year and am able to do everything like before. Learning the importance of rolling out from you has changed my whole routine when it comes to working out. I think rolling out is almost more important than the workout itself. Without learning how to take care of my body from you, I do not know where I would be or if I’d be able to play softball pain free. Thanks Gordon!!

-Shelby Pickett
The Ohio State University, Girls Softball


Training with Gordon Kent at Fit Life 1 this summer was vital for my performance at UCSB. Playing basketball at a collegiate level is very demanding towards strength and conditioning. This is why it was extremely important for me to get my body into shape. I spent 5 months training three days a week with Gordon and I couldn’t ask for better results. Though upon arrival to UCSB, training was tedious, I thank Gordon for getting me into shape so I could handle everything that was being asked of me. If I hadn’t trained, I would have been in a world of hurt and would have had to play catch up, which is never a place an athlete wants to be in. So thank you Gordon, you took my performance to the next level. I will be training with you again!

-Jess Pino
UCSB, Girls Basketball


I am 37 years old and have known Gordon and Kelly for 6 years.  I would recommend them as highly as anyone in the fitness training industry.  Being an former national class athlete I have seen my share of coaches and trainers.  Gordon and Kelly offer unyielding support for their clients and understand the human body extensively.  Best of all they will teach you the tools for long term health and vibrancy, which cannot be valued in monetary terms.

Health encompasses many wonderful things, and there is a cost to achieve it.  Anyone willing to commit to the journey I personally 100% believe my friends will do everything in their power to help you achieve your goals.

-Goss Lindsey
Former NCAA 4.04 miler

As the founder of Fury Softball, I would personally like to thank you for the sports specific training you have provided for our team over the last year.  Our injuries are down, our kids are stronger and more athletic and their ability to play several games in a day, competitively, without getting fatigued, has been tremendous.  In this era of kids playing year-round sports on club and travel teams, your training has kept our teams strong, faster, and quicker, while also keeping their bodies in balance while they compete and train in a sport that, by its very nature, lends itself to creating muscle imbalances which could result in injuries if they are not trained correctly to offset this.  In my opinion, every club and travel team should feel compelled to have this type of training available to their athletes, if they are serious about preparing them to compete at the collegiate level. Of course, finding the right trainer and company is the most important piece of the puzzle. In my 4 years of trying many different companies to perform sports specific training for our teams, finding your company, Fit Life 1 / Raw Athlete Development has been, by far, the BEST training I have come across. You have made significant gains with every athlete in our organization who has trained with you on a regular basis.  The Fury Coaching Staff strongly recommends Fit Life 1 for any and every athlete that wishes to further their athletic endeavors and be the best they can be.

-Mark Goodacre, Fury Softball Organization – Founder


I would like to give a letter of recommendation for fitness trainer Gordon Kent.  I am a former trainee of Gordon in which I have seen his effectiveness first hand.  After haing continuous injuries in my sport, including a bad knee injury, I had given up on the thought of ever playing football pain free.  I was going to try out for Division 1 Colorado State University and knew I needed to work with an advanced trainer to prepare.  I had several people refer me to Gordon after their personal experiences with him.  After only one week of traininig with Gordon, I not only began to feel results in my cardio and strength, but I learned several injury preventative techniques that no previous trainer, doctor or physical therapist was able to help me with. After a few months of continuous training, I had none of the pain I had been struggling with for 2-3 years, my knee was at full strength and I was in phenomenal shape.  Best of all, because I was able to perform injury free at my maximal potential during tryouts, I made the team.  Gordon is extremely talented and passionate in everything he does and always brings about a positive atmosphere during training.  I have full confidence that he will benefit and impress wherever he is placed and anyone he trains.


-Blaine Whitson, Colorado State University, Football


Gordon and Kelly,

I want to thank you both for helping Taylor and Kacey embrace their physical fitness. You have taught them the importance of exercise and nutrition, and have helped in their growth as student athletes. By providing a positive and energetic program, my daughters now have the confidence to push themselves and increase their physical endurance and abilities. After a year of training, I have seen improvements in their  strength, cardio, nutrition and most important, self-confidence and maturity! And with your help, I will be competing in my first Half Distance Ironman Triathlon later this year (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run)! I cannot thank you enough for your personal attention and positive attitude!


-Ken P.  Temecula, CA

I recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University.  I completed my Division I softball pitching career of 4 years at LMU.  At LMU we competed against some of the elite Division I softball programs.  I have recently been approached with offers to play softball in Europe.  So getting back into peak softball and pitching shape was necessary for me.  Gordon has gotten me back into shape way faster than I thought was possible.  All of the workouts help me gain muscle strength, speed, coordination, agility, and skills necessary to perform my best on the field.  I am not only stronger, but I am more explosive and quicker off of the pitchers mound.  The techniques and exercises I have been using with Gordon are not only turning me into a better athlete, but also for my specific needs of being a competitive softball pitcher and player.  The training sessions are not only physically demanding, but also mentally demanding, which is a key factor to success in softball.  I have surpassed my physical abilities from my previous career at LMU and have surprised myself with the capabilities I didn’t know that I possessed.  Gordon is a great trainer and is bringing the best, strongest, fastest, most dynamic athlete out of me.

 -Tiffany Pagano, Former Division 1 Pitcher, Pitching Coach, Fury Softball Organization


Good morning Gordon.  I just wanted to thank you for having my daughter work out with you on Tuesday!  She loved it!  I hope you know what you’ve done for her self confidence and athletic performance.  We really appreciate your dedication to these girls!!!  You’re a great role model!!!  Keep up the great work!  Thanks again.

-Linda C.  Mom of Fastpitch Softball Athlete, Temecula, CA


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gordon Kent for a position as Athletic Trainer and Coach.  I have known Gordon for 5 years, and have had the pleasure to see him develop student athletes. I have also personally benefited from Gordon’s training as an adult triathlete.

Gordon has worked with many athletic and fitness programs in the community, and has made a positive impact on all of them.  Ranging from nationally ranked ASA 18U Girls Softball Team to elementary school after school programs.

I believe Gordon’s strengths can be summarized with the following points:

1) Well organized training plans based on individuals ability

2) Thorough knowledge of strength and conditioning prograsmd; adamantly emphasizing proper form and technique.

3) Athletes are trained to improve strength and conditioning, and most important to reduce and eliminate any sport induced injury.

4) Emphasizes importance f proper warmup and recovery, including foam rolling, dynamic stretching and joint mobility.

5) Complete knowledge of healthy nutrition for day to day nourishment, as well as sport related activities.

6) Highly passonate about his training and works wih a positive and highly energetic attitude.

Most importantly, Gordon pushes and instills a high level of confidence in all his athletes.  Gordon would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.


-Kenneth Peterson, Mechanical Engineer, Coach and Weekend Triathlete