Outdoor Fitness

Hi Kelly and Gordon,  Here is a little something I wrote. I felt like you both have changed the way feel and look so much I had to write something.

I am a mom to 4 kids and I  am constantly running around everywhere.I was having a really hard time getting my day started and going. I felt sluggish and had no confidence.  And then one day three months ago I was walking my daughter to school and noticed a group of woman getting ready to exercise. I asked them what they were doing. They were all so sweet, they told me all about the class and how much they loved it. They got me to stay and since that day I have been hooked. I seriously can’t wait for the next class. I feel like I have so much energy. In as little as 3 months i have noticed my body change so much. I am so much stronger, I can do things I have never been able to do.  Kelly and Gordon are the best! They are so motivating. And the best part is I am not there more than an hour. We work our butts off (literally) for a short amount of time and get great results. Warning: if you try the class you will be hooked!  Thanks Kelly and Gordon

-Vicki M.  Temecula, CA


Hello! I have been doing the MWF workouts for about 8 weeks now and I am LOVING it!  When I have started something before I usually am so bored within a week.  I love the variety of the workouts, and there has never been the same workout yet! Gordon and Kelly are so encouraging and it’s great how they motivate and push us to the next level of fitness.  Not only do I have so much more energy, (which is great with 4 young kids!) but I feel I am stronger with every workout.  I first started noticing a difference it my calf muscles and thighs…and now in my arms!  I was so excited this week to finally be able to do at least 8 doubleunders in a row with the jump rope!
I live for these workouts and cannot wait to get to the next level of fitness!  Thank you so much Gordon and Kelly!

-Jenny N. Temecula, CA


I started doing Fit Life 1’s outdoor fit camp 3 months after my daughter was born.  I have seen tremendous results including overall weight loss of 15 pounds, a decrease in body fat and loss of inches.  The excess baby weight literally fell off!  In addition to these cosmetic results, I know I am 100 percent more fit than I have ever been.  I have dropped over 30 seconds on my mile time and have improved on all of my overall strength challenges.  I don’t think we have done the same work out twice; I can’t imagine ever going back to a gym again and doing the same thing day in and day out.  Gordon and Kelly are top notch trainers who push each participant to do their best with a high level of intensity.  I would have never thought that working out 3 times a week for only a hour would yield such awesome results!  Thanks Gordon and Kelly!!

-Shannon H.  Temecula, CA

Fit Life 1 has the absolute BEST training program that I have ever done!  I have worked out for as long as I can remember, but I have NEVER  trained like this. With this program, I am not just working out, I am getting FIT also!  It’s an amazing feeling to see such great results so quickly!!   I started training with Fit Life 1 to get a more lean, toned body.  What I found was absolutely amazing results!  My endurance has increased, my overall strength has increased, and I feel GREAT!!!!!  Gordon and Kelly have the perfect balance of helping you push yourself to your limit, and keeping you motivated!  I love when I think I can’t finish a certain exercise, and one of them will jump in with me to help me finish it out!!!  Because of their positive motivation, I am able to challenge myself like I never have before.  I have taken my fitness to a whole new level, and it feels great!  Thank you so much for all that you have done, and continue to do for me!!!!!  I think everyone should challenge themselves to get fit and stay fit, no matter what the age, body type, etc….  It’s  a fantastic feeling, and I am so fortunate to have found Fit Life 1!!

-Tami B., Temecula, CA

This type of workout is the best I have done by far!  At the Gyms I felt left out and not really welcome there!  You guys give us the encouragement and confidence to get it done no matter what fitness level we are. That’s why I love training with you guys.  I am excited to come train every single day!  Thank you for your care in my health!

-Bob R., Murrieta, CA


Thanks for a great work out Gordon!  When I got home I looked at my watch and I had burned 941 calories!!  I am hooked!!!!


-Karen G., Murrieta, CA


Kelly and Gordon hands down are the best trainers in our area! Their committment and enthusiasm for what they do is simply amazing. The workout I get at Fit Camp and one on one training is so addicting I will never be able to stop. Bless you guys! God directed you both to the careers you were meant to have. Thank you for all the wonderful workouts in the past and for the ones in the future!

-Gina I., Murrieta, CA


I’ve been attending Kelly and Gordon’s fit camps for a few months now and must say that I am totally impressed with the program. I have always been in what I thought was good shape primarily based upon some weight training, jogging, and cycling. All great conditioning and aerobic exercises but I now know the importance of mixing core training and a whole body workout, where no two workouts are the same! With the focus on core conditioning, stretching, running, strength training, and explosive exercises using essentially no equipment and all mixed together in a single hour program.  Your body is worked out like never before!

Gordon and Kelly’s Fit Camp is a great alternative for those stuck in the same routine.


-Steve G., Murrieta, CA